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  • Texas A&M Journal of Property Law, Oil & Gas Survey (California - 2017)
    (forthcoming) Spring 2018
  • "Everything Old is New Again: Lease Maintenance Issues that Arise When Oil Prices Drop," 62 Rocky Mt. Min. L. Inst. 20-1 (2016)
    July 2016
    Joshua L. Baker, Julie A. Carter, Tracy K. Hunckler, Sean B. Murphy, Carlin A. Yamachika
  • Bakersfield Association of Professional Landmen, Los Angeles Association of Professional Landmen, "Water Reporting Requirements for Oil and Gas Operators Increased in 2015: An Overview of SB 1281"
    January 1, 2015
    Joshua L. Baker and Brian E. Hamilton, Authors
  • 35th Annual West Coast Landmen's Institute, "Oil and Gas Conveyances in California: How to Get (or Give) What You Want"
    October 2017
  • Private Client, “Farmout Agreements and JOAs”
    May 2017
    Sean B. Murphy, Julie A. Carter, Tracy K. Hunckler, Carlin A. Yamachika and E. Ryan Stephensen, Co-Presenters
  • Day Carter & Murphy LLP Bakersfield Breakfast Series, “Updates from the New AAPL Model Form Operating Agreement (Ironically Dated 2015)"
    May 2017
    Tracy K. Hunckler and E. Ryan Stephensen

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